Series of articles on the art of employment in the Canadian market is written by author, passed a way from the interviewee to the interviewer. It is possible that this material can be a useful educational program not only for Canadians, but for natives and immigrants in other countries with a market economy, including the former Soviet republics. Personal experience is invaluable, practical cases are entertaining and real. So read, learn, and at least - smile, and at best - obtain a job. | Resume. Magic touch.Recently I have edited a resume for one of my friends, and, what a miracle, - after 2 years of being neglected he received invitations for interview from some of the leading companies in his field. Today he is finishing his probationary period, and I believe everything will be fine with him. The same story happened to my younger sister.

For many years I am "on the other side" in the battle for employment (reading resumes, inviting for and participating in interviews, making job offers), and it occurred to me - maybe this is the secret of my "magic touch".

Everything had been written and invented a long time ago; you can find a lot of useful and useless information on this topic in the Internet. But every time reading someone's resume, I am surprised and in some cases even upset.